Should Children Be Allowed To Use Smartwatches In School?

Like smartphones, smartwatches have become very popular and a must have wearable tech as they now come with many other features apart from telling time. Check out the Best Smartwatches 2019 – Handsome Watches for iPhone, Android here.

Although majority of parents permit their children at home to make use of digital devices to surf the internet, it’s a usual discussion in learning institutions if such devices should be permitted in within the school. Though smartphone is the usual digital device that students have, smartwatches as well are increasingly turning out to be more common.

Smartwatches As An Educational Tool

Advocates of technology state that utilizing these devices within the teaching-learning space could keep learners engaged and give teachers more effective ways to impart knowledge and track student progress and accomplishments. However, many critics state that these devices are classroom distractions and can get in the way a learner’s classroom performance.

Whether or not smartwatches be permitted at school is a debatable concern. But a lot of parents believe that a smartwatch could help ensure the safety of their children and could be an educational tool.

The Advantage

There are smartwatches designed to provide learning opportunities to children. For instance, there are smartwatches that teach children to read time with icons. They also teach children good habits as well the notion of time via icons that relate events and/or activities with the time, such as breakfast, dinner and bed time. On the other hand, some smatwatches update the user on news happening around the world as well as the weather forecasts. Moreover, as children wear this device, they familiarize themselves with technology.

The Downside

Although smartwatches could be educational, the downside is that smartwatches are more for entertainment rather than educational. Many smartwatches are filled with games, wherein some are played with multiple players making it a relentless temptation when learners ought to be focused in class. In actuality, what many critics say that such devices distract learners is true. And because of this distraction, it would make it more challenging for teachers to control and manage their classes.

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