The Use of Laptop and Its Effect on Student Learning

Laptop Use in Class

Over the years, educators have been figuring out different ways on how to effectively teach students in a classroom setting where distractions are lessened and the productive way of acquiring knowledge increases. However, educators find it hard to perfectly figure it out simply because students vary and one method may be effective to student A but is ineffective to student B.

Different teaching styles and methods were used from the past years. One of the most popular methods still being used nowadays is the lecture class type. In this method, 30-50 students are seated in a classroom and one teacher is at the front giving lecture. The good thing about this method is that a large number of students can be accommodated in the same time. However, the teacher will not be able to monitor each student properly because there are so many of them. As a result, the teacher in front will just talk for an hour or so without knowing whether the student understands the lesson or not.

Given this, educators continuously find methods to improve the learning acquisition among students. Since talking in front and writing on the board is not that effective to most students, they tried incorporating laptop in order to increase student’s efficiency in learning instead of the conventional learning of manually teaching and giving assignments.

Benefits of Laptop as Learning Tools

Using laptop as a learning tool provides advantages to both teachers and students. There are also studies that shows the positive effects of using laptop.

Below are some of the benefits of using laptops in the classroom:

  • Access to lesson modules will become easier since teachers can just upload it and students can already download it.
  • This lessens the hassle of manually giving assignments and can just post the assignment on the group and provide deadline.
  • Teachers can easily check and give back the exams and assignments to the students.
  • Improves the productivity and efficiency of the learning process because of the convenience

Downside of Using Laptop as Learning Tools

Of course, incorporating new practices also has downsides. Listed below are some of the disadvantages of using laptops as learning tools:

  • Students can easily get distracted because they can easily go to their favorite video games
  • Some may not afford buying such electronic device
  • Does not promote social interaction among students and teachers

There are also other usage of laptop such as for gaming which is very popular among students and even adults. If you are looking for an affordable laptop click here to see the review of cheap yet quality gaming laptops.