Numerous Colleges in the US Will Resume with Online Classes in January 2022

Numerous colleges will revert to online classes during the first week of the semester; yet some are anticipating that the need to do so could take longer. The decisions came as a result of the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases due to the spread of the new omicron variant. Some college administrators believe that it might take longer than a week because it all depends on when the wave of infection will recede.

At present, more than 70 colleges across 26 states will start the quarter term with online classes. Others are still undecided but are inclined to follow suit. Some of the colleges that will migrate to online learning in the first week include Columbia, George Washington, Yale, Northwestern University, Rice University, University of California Campuses and Wayne State University.

Harvard deviates by holding online classes in the first three weeks of 2022, while the University of Chicago will carry on with the online setup in the first two weeks. The Michigan State University are encouraging students to return to the campus even as classes will be held online, These colleges are anticipating that a few weeks or so will get them through the skyrocketing number of cases caused by the Omicron variant.

Other Colleges will Proceed with In-person Learning

Other colleges will proceed with the new term without plans of offering remote classes. Their plan is to push through with in-person education as school officials believe that health risks can be kept low as long as students have their booster shots and continue wearing protective masks.

Officials from the Northeastern University.mentioned that it has always been their priority to prevent cases from reaching great severity or hospitalization. Ken Henderson, the Chancellor of Northeastern University and SVP for learning, conveyed in his campus announcement that it is our job to effectively control coronavirus instead of letting it control us.