Which is more Efficient: Online Learning or Traditional Education?

As the name suggests, online learning is what it is. All lessons and discussions are taken online with students and instructors use a virtual platform to meet. As a matter of fact, online learning is a term that is often interchanged with eLearning.

Online and Traditional Learning Methods

With regards to conventional learning approach, it happens inside the four corners of the room. The usual setup is, a trainer who is moderating and regulates the discussion. In return, they expect that the students or employees will be able to widen their knowledge via exercises and activities.

Participatory Rates

While it is still expected that continuous education shall be given in organizations and also a top priority, it isn’t always the case. Those who partake in this training prepared by their superiors might feel rushed. It is primarily because their time is limited.

With online learning on the other hand, it gives learners more room to move around and make adjustment to their schedule. As a matter of fact, a survey was taken with over 700 employees learned that 87% of them actually prefer taking an online course. For one, there is less time to be spent and can adjust the schedule as they deem fit to theirs.


It is extremely valuable to set up traditional training methods but also, it can be quite expensive. Unlike with online modules, oftentimes it is more affordable when compared to in-house training. This is due to the fact that managers do not need to deal with the extra expenses that come with traditional training such as:

  • Hiring a trainer
  • Travel expenses
  • Preparing the training facilities
  • Printing materials

All things said, it is hard to argue that online training is slowly taking over traditional learning.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

It is hard to say that online learning is a lot more effective when compared to its counterpart or vice versa. All in all, it is safe to say that online education is full-fledge substitute to classroom training.

At the end of the day, it will all depend on the preferred method of the learner which one to take; be it online or offline. What matters most is to acquire the knowledge needed that will help to become successful whether it is about selling bartwuchs testosterone, managing people and so on.