Learn The Features Of Panda Bears

Giant pandas are large, black, and white bears that feed primarily on bamboo. Their habitat in China is mainly mountain slopes with dense bamboo forests.

The panda is a vegetarian predator

Scientifically, in terms of their anatomy, pandas are carnivores and belong to carnivores. But they eat almost exclusively bamboo. As a small snack, they don’t want to miss out on a delicious fish or a small rodent.

Why does the panda have black and white fur?

The scientists are not so sure about that. They believe panda bears evolved a black and white coat to distinguish them from the jungle and help them find each other.

panda bears

Constantly looking for food

Pandas spend at least 12 hours a day eating. First, they remove the hard bark from the bamboo with their sharp teeth to get to the juicy interior. 10-30 kg of this then goes into your stomach.

But having fun with food is not the real reason for it. Bamboo has very few nutrients, so the animals need a lot of it.

However, it’s not even really worth feeding. They can only use 20% of their food. The remaining 80% comes out the other end almost undigested.

What enemies does the panda have?

The natural enemies of the panda bear are snow leopards and eagles. Martens, red dogs, and weasels are a danger for young animals.

No panda without bamboo

The panda needs tons of bamboo, but will only eat 25 out of 100 kinds. Normally, it changes the “restaurant” when the bamboo runs out.

This means that if there is no more bamboo in a region, the panda moves on. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the problem, because people are encroaching further and further into his kingdom and cutting down the bamboo forests.

Are pandas dangerous?

The panda bear is considered gentle and peaceful. He avoids fights and prefers to withdraw. But if escape is not possible, it can become dangerous for enemies, rivals, and for people.

Panda babies

The birth of a panda is always an extraordinary event because in captivity the animals very, very rarely have babies. However, according to the Guinness Book of Records 2009, 30 baby pandas were born in 2006, most of them at the Wolong Panda Research Center in southwest China.

Giant pandas make funny noises

Pandas appear to be silently munching on their bamboo. Surprisingly, however, they are not as silent as they appear. Sometimes you can hear them gently bleating and bleating like baby goats or lambs. They also bark, growl, and hiss. Baby pandas croak and squeak.