Why Do People Visit YouTube?

Although there are thousands of entertaining and humorous video contents on YouTube that get so much views, statistics shows that half of the people visit YouTube for education or educational video contents.

In 2018, a research conducted by Pew surveyed 4,594 Americans and discovered that 51% of users of YouTube utilize video contents from it to learn or be taught new things. This is confirmed to be true for both regular and irregular YouTube users. According to the study, that is 35% of all adults in the U.S., when both users as well as non-users are represented.

It Isn’t All About Education

28% of YouTube users say that they simply go to the site to kill time or idle away the hours without necessarily having to learn anything in particular. A large number of these users comprise younger adults. Moreover, 19% are on YouTube for advice and guidance on new product purchases, and 19% say that they visit YouTube to be updated with current daily news.

The study states that about 32% of YouTube users visit the platform numerous times in a single day, and 19% of users who visit the site once a day state that YouTube is very crucial for helping them comprehend things that are taking place across the world.  This relates with 10% of YouTube users who visit the site less frequently. But, of those who were surveyed, 64% say that they at times discover video contents on YouTube that are clearly fake, 60% say they sometimes find contents that show dangerous behavior, while 11% say that they “regularly” spot video with abusive content.

Children Are Viewing A Great Deal Of Videos On Youtube

The research as well claims that around 81% of parents permit their children to view YouTube videos. Furthermore, 34% of these parents permit their children to be on the video platform “regularly”. 60% of those parents state that they have seen video contents on YouTube that weren’t age-appropriate.

Around a fifth of the videos that are most recommended in the research were steered towards children. It’s a thought-provoking research giving us a solid acumen and awareness as to how YouTube is used today.

Some of the most loyal visitors of YouTube are students. The videos that they view feature vloggers, conspiracy theories, and music videos, which they watch so much of. YouTube, among teenagers, is the most popular platform of social media, wherein more teenagers make use of it than Twitter and Facebook combined.