Kindle: A Top eBook Reader Choice – eBook Readers In The Classroom

An electronic eBook reader, better known as e-reader or e-book reader, is a device that is purposely and primarily designed for reading digital books or eBooks. Any form of device that could display eBooks on a screen could function as an e-reader, however without the features and advantages of the e-book technology.

Kindle by Amazon – A Top eBook Reader Choice

The e-reader technology is meant to mimic the feeling and experience of reading an actual book but on a device with a slim screen and with a library of hundreds of eBooks, and one of the leading choices of eBook readers is the Amazon’s Kindle.

The Kindle by Amazon (Amazon Kindle) is a series of eBook readers designed by Amazon. The devices enable its users to look for, purchase, download, as well as read e-books and other digital reading materials in the Kindle store through Wi-Fi.

Since the Kindle is a series, there are a number of options to select from. Currently, the best lineup of choices is the Amazon Kindle, Kindle Oasis, and Kindle Paperwhite where each offer diverse features. So as to find the most suitable e-reader for you, it can be helpful to discover what these features are since each Kindle are suited to diverse needs and purposes.

For example, for casual readers and for those who are on a stiff budget, the basic Kindle is best. On the other hand, if you enjoy reading by the pool or in the bath, Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof and also has a sharper screen compared to the basic Kindle. Alternatively, if money isn’t an issue and don’t mind the price tag, then go for the Kindle Oasis. Among the Kindle series, it is the most lightweight and with bettered back-lighting.

eBook Readers in the Classroom

When it comes to education, technology has brought about a positive effect on the quality of the delivered instruction and education when it was incorporated in the classroom setting, where both learners and educators benefit from it.

Today, e-readers like the Amazon Kindle are now use in the classroom. With the use of e-readers, students are motivated and find reading more interesting and enjoyable, especially for learners who grew up alongside technology. A dedicated e-reader has all the features and tools for learners to enjoy reading on the device and make learning more fun. This includes a built-in dictionary for easy word definitions, a text-to-speech feature where the e-reader reads aloud the text, and the ability to make notes and highlight passages on the e-reader itself.

In terms of cost, e-readers are more cost-effective as it greatly reduces the expense for purchasing books for a class. Usually, digital books are cheaper than printed/paper versions. A purchased eBook could be downloaded and shared to multiple eBook readers. Hence, the number of books to be purchased for classroom use is reduced and in turn cuts costs giving the school more budget for other school needs or programs.

The aim of using e-readers as well as eBooks in the classroom is to simplify, enhance and enrich the overall experience of learning. Moreover, e-readers and eBooks make the process of learning more interesting, interactive as well as engaging.