Educational Influence Of Sports Rules

Ever since there have been physical education classes in schools. It has become almost unquestioned that physical activity in these classes is limited to, or focused on, physical activities. The sporting activities are characterized above all by the fact that they are broken down into types of sport. You can find this that outside of school. So a part of the world of sports is brought into the school in order to be able to prepare students for this very world. You can learn more about sports through This site can provide you information on different types of sports that people play worldwide.

What are the rules in physical education?

If one observes physical education classes that are based on this recognized didactic principle, it becomes apparent that bringing sport into school causes difficulties. It is extremely rare to play football 2×45 minutes at school. In basketball, you need to hang the basket lower so that younger students can experience a successful basket throw. If you take into account the limited time available, the necessary variety of school sports offers then this type of transformation of sports is necessary. It makes sense from an educational point of view.

Reduction in sports today is happening primarily in the area of ​​sports rules. On the one hand, they design the lessons to educate students to follow the rules as precisely as possible in as many sports as possible. The point of orientation of the education are the codified rules of the professional sports associations. On the other hand, mostly only a part of these codified rules is taken into account at the discretion of the sports teacher.

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On the importance of sports rules for educational action

Every teaching and learning of certain movement patterns has to be based on the rules that the learner should follow. In sports pedagogy, although it is recognized in different ways, it is generally accepted that a central task of sport is to educate students to become effective partners in and outside of sport. The ability to act in sport of students as well as other people is characterized above all by what they do in sport.

In teaching, it is usually assumed that the students’ ability to act is not sufficient in one or more areas. For this reason, the students are taught and trained in technical and tactical terms. The students’ ability to act is thereby increased primarily in the area of ​​what they can achieve in sport. Practical action is usually limited to the discipline exercised in each case.