What to Know about Online Teaching



Nowadays, Online education is increasing more and more. Is that okay? Or is it bad? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this new form of education? So-called “e-learning”?

Advantages of Online Lessons

1. Saving time

One of the advantages of online lessons is saving time. Distance learning allows you to study comfortably from home, saving you travel to school and saving time. Instead of getting on the bus to school, you can sit in front of your iPad to learn vocabulary, do the math, and understand texts.

2. Freedom

In addition, certain forms of e-learning also allow for more independent time management. In this way, you have the flexibility and the freedom to organize your time. Distance learning is often time and place independent, giving students a lot of freedom and can be a huge advantage.

An example would be students and learners having the freedom and more time to do other things, like their chores, go to the grocery, go to different places like shopping, road trip, going to Scottsdale dealership, walking outside, and the like.

3. Individual Pace

Another advantage is tempo. Distance learning does not need to take into account weak or strong students. This means that everyone can set their own pace when learning. Slow students do not suffer from time pressure and fast students do not get bored. This guarantees individual support, support that is not always possible in the classroom.

4. Changeable

Another advantage is multimediality. Learning is fascinating and diverse with the ability to use a variety of media in e-learning, including movies, podcasts, audio files, online texts, online tasks, interactive presentations, video tutorials, and other media. This often has the effect of motivating students.

Disadvantages of Online Learning

1. Lack of motivation

The main disadvantage of online learning is the high degree of self-discipline required for e-learning. Implementing e-learning requires an incredible amount of energy, as it is often quickly distracting at home. In the absence of a teacher`s control, direction, and evaluation, more willpower is required than in the typical classroom.

2. Social environment

Learning from home also comes with isolation, a serious disadvantage. Due to online lessons, there is no social environment, which is given in the classroom by teachers and classmates. The risks of loneliness are therefore greater with this type of teaching than with the conventional type.

3. Quality of information

Furthermore, with online lessons, there is a risk of obtaining incorrect information. With no teacher to turn to when in doubt, students often turn to the internet as a tool, which is often very good, but in some cases provides misinformation.

4. Lack of practice in languages

A final, important disadvantage of online teaching concerns language teaching: the practical practice of oral production is missing. To be good at using a language, you need four skills: reading, listening, writing, and oral production.