Games themselves develop even more amazing! As a game developer or game developer, you have not only a cool job, but also a well-paid job with a future. In Germany alone, hundreds of new games come onto the market every year, Gamescom 2019 in Cologne has attracted 373,000 visitors – the gaming industry now generates higher sales than the film industry in Hollywood, and there is no end in sight! There are a lot of websites that offers different types of games such as Inverse Gamer that offers tips on how to score Coin Master and gives free spins and coins.

But game development isn’t exactly a breeze. Just like with other developer jobs, skill, creativity, patience and spitting are required here!


Before we look at what you do and earn as a game developer or game programmer, let’s briefly outline how a video game is developed. At the beginning is the idea, which is developed by the game designer to the concept. He knows the market and knows what’s on trend. Once the financing has been clarified, the production phase begins, with parallel measures such as testing and marketing. When all this is done, the game goes live.

You as a game developer are used in the production phase, so let’s take a closer look at the process: First, it’s the turn of the game designer. Another job title for this is: Level Designer. He or she designs the levels, characters and missions, develops and describes the story, and designs the virtual environment, usually in the form of a model. It determines fixed and moving elements in the game and their appearance. Often graphic artists come into play here. Game Designers also determine how the gamer interacts with the game. You create the user interface e.B. in the first-person perspective or in the top view.


Whether for your mobile phone, PC or console, as a game developer, you are the person who breathes life into the body of the designed game, technically implements the designs and thus turns the concept into a product. You program the specifications of the game designers and create the virtual world from them. For this purpose, you use a programming language such as C++, Java or C , or a scripting language such as Python or Lua, in addition to HTML, CSS and JavaScript (e.B. Three.js as a cross browser library for graphics). For app game development on iOS, you need Objective-C or Swift. Your code gives the game the mechanics and gives it the interactivity that gamers expect: smooth and without bugs, glitches, frame rate intrusions, logical errors or crashes that abruptly destroy a successful illusion.

As video games become more sophisticated, you often work with Artificial Intelligence, which you train to behave in interaction with the player.


Only recently can one study the profession “game developer” at some universities and some (expensive) private schools. A recognized way is to use the “normal” software or application development. You have all the basic skills together and can specialize in games with relatively little effort in the next step. Many game developers are computer science or mathematics graduates who are the industry through internships.

In addition to the big players like Sony or Nintendo, Rockstar and 2K Games you will also find cool and creative development studios like Picroma, Black Forest Games or Overhype Studios in the local indie area , which are always looking for new IT talents. Sales leaders among the German developer studios are InnoGames and Goodgame Studios. With more than 600 employees, Ubisoft is the largest employer in the industry in Germany. Gameforge (with a focus on browser-based online games), Crytek (known for its worldwide licensed CryEngine) and Wooga (specialized in social networking and casual games for mobile devices) with 200-400 employees each have also established themselves as a successful mainstream.


Your salary as a game developer depends heavily on where you work – on the one hand, it makes a difference whether you’re developing games for Microsoft’s Xbox games or for an ambitious small startup, and on the other hand, in urban metropolitan areas and big cities, you can usually earn higher wages than in the countryside.