Uses of Social Media for Educators and Schools

Social media and technology are integral to everyday life, and integrating their use into the classroom is more natural than before, considering how many students are accustomed to it.

Social media also enables more e-learning opportunities. As remote jobs and online courses grow in popularity, training students to work remotely is an important lesson, and social media can help.

While it is essential to understand the educational implications of social media before using it, we firmly believe that it helps students advance in technology

Social Media in the Classroom

Let’s discuss how social media can be used directly in the classroom. From elementary school to college, many educational and social media tools can be used by students of all ages. 

Use Facebook groups to stream live lectures. Instructors can also create Facebook groups for each course, both public and private, to stream live Facebook lectures, post discussion questions, assign homework, and make course announcements. Increase.

Post reminders and assignments to keep students engaged during school holidays and snow days, so they don’t have to review when classes resume after a break.

Use Instagram for photo essays. In image-heavy classes, students can use Instagram to present a series of photos or graphics visually appealingly. Instagram allows students to storytell in ways other social media platforms simply can’t.

Teachers can use Pinterest to prepare and organize class resources, lesson plans, and worksheets in one place. Create boards by class, subject, and subtopic by a week or for all worksheets.

Share school events and photos on social media profiles. If you want to attract new students and parents to your school, share photos and events around campus to show them what to expect. 

Highlight events and extracurricular activities can set your school apart. School and college websites follow the same pattern, but social media makes them more unique and casual.

Use the Facebook page to spread updates and alerts. Facebook can be the perfect social media platform to incorporate into your classroom. 

Instead of putting teachers and students on a new learning curve when digging into traditional online classroom dashboards, we’re sticking with what everyone already knows.