Role of parents and teachers to children’s education

When a child starts school, they usually hear learning more often instead of playing. No desire to learn is uncommon.
Already in the first grade, students are given homework that seems to double and triple over the years. Homework, independent learning, grades, exams, certificates reproduced in printers for cardstock, and learning success – terms that students don’t just get to hear once. How important it is to show the students step by step what successful learning looks like is often forgotten. But they do exist, the methods to support students and get them excited about meaningful learning.

The willingness of the students to learn

Doing homework properly and conscientiously can make a noticeable contribution to school success for individual students. Unfortunately, students are not always ready to learn. Although the students are the ones who go to school, the parents are also on board. Just like teachers, they too can contribute to their child’s school and learning success.

Motivator parents

The first rule for parents is to be understanding. A child who has no desire to do homework or study is not an exception. Applying additional pressure in such a case is of little use in most cases. Rather, motivating and supportive words are needed here. Pupils come under emotional pressure if they fail to perform as parents expect them to do – this disrupts their learning.
The teachers also have a responsibility here. High expectations can become resilient for the student. The motto is to encourage instead of scare. Praise in the right place can definitely motivate the student.

Confident learning success

Finding the right balance between “demanding” and “letting it grow” is not always easy. However, the adult world should also become aware of its role in a child’s learning process. Willingness to learn can be encouraged and supported. Successful learning inspires children to try harder. However, failure depresses them and weakens their performance.
The educational task of parents and teachers here is to help children gain a sense of achievement and to strengthen their self-esteem through recognition. Self-confidence and ego strength are important foundations for performance. A stable relationship with parents and a trusting relationship with teachers is important.