Melamine Kitchen Cabinet: What You Need to Know

Melamine kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for contemporary homes because they’re sturdy, inexpensive and come with various finishes. Melamine is a kind of plastic, which becomes attached to the surface by fusing resin-preserved decorative paper both front and back onto particleboard. This converts it into a heat and moisture-resistant surface, easy to clean.

The consistent coloring ability of the melamine kitchen cabinets is one advantage. They are also the most environmentally friendly choice for cabinetry. For homeowners on a budget, their affordability is another benefit.

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet Overview

Melamine kitchen cabinets are a hit with home-owners looking for the clean, minimalist look in their kitchens. Modern home cabinetry is made with a variety of color schemes and patterns using durable melamine plastic. Its uniform coloring effectively produces a smooth, modern look at low cost creating the kitchen a room for education.

Benefits of Melamine

Affordability is one of melamine kitchen cabinets ‘great selling points. Melamine is a relatively low-cost material that gives the appearance of wood or stone. Also, melamine is versatile; homeowners can choose from a variety of colors and patterns to bring their own stamp on the kitchen.

Material Properties

Melamine is a class of thermosetting plastic that results from mixing melanine resin and formaldehyde.

This results in a hard, wear-resistant material that does not scratch or stain easily. It is also resistant to heat and moisture, so it’s a good choice for use in the kitchen.

Design Options

Melamine kitchen cabinets come in many colors and patterns, so you are sure to find one that reflects your personal taste. Popular choices include solid colors, wood grain patterns and metallic finishes. Also, pitch can be applied to produce smooth and glossy finishes or rougher, matte surfaces.

Durability and Maintenance

Melamine kitchen cabinets are very hard wearing, and only need minimal maintenance to keep them as good as new. They are also scratch and stain resistant, easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. What’s more, melamine resists heat and moisture on its own–it is just right for the kitchen.


The melamine kitchen cabinets have become one of the best choices for homeowners looking to upgrade their homes with a clean, contemporary feel without breaking into your savings account. Due to their many advantages in affordability, longevity and selection of designs, melamine kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice wherever you live.