Law Of Attraction: Should It Be Taught In Schools?

A kid in school

Should the Law of Attraction be taught in schools? My reply to this depends on which brand of LOA will be educated.

The Law of Attraction novels, or LOA novels, teach a kind of manifestation that is detached from any sort of belief or value system. In my view, when you do so leaving people without guidelines, you motivate them to turn into pricks who will pursue after more wealth more toys and instantaneous gratification.

Service to Others Rather than Service to Self.

I would say you place them on the path if I had been talking in spiritual terms.

Therefore, if you advised me to educate our kids’ manifestation–that is, in fact, a kind of magic inherent to human beings, then a celestial creative spark, even if you’ll –I would begin by telling them with wonderful power comes great responsibility (thank you, Spiderman’s uncle!).

I would let them know that the reason is to get development.


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You throw this gemstone excels and that has your spirit into a tumbler and see it bounce around till it can be smooth and glossy and has dropped the edges. The result, ideally, is that you have come to be the very best version of yourself which you could be.

A number of people being hand-selected, are being carried through a procedure, and polished and cut over and above. When they don’t break, they will emerge as a stone that is sparkling.

Those are the men and women who succeed over the situation in their own lives and come from the other end as an inspiration for everybody as well as educators for humankind they meet.

You do not get that by making it your life’s purpose or scrambling to keep up with the Joneses. See this review to find out more about Manifestation Magic so you can help educate your kids about the Law of Attraction.