Importance of Learning English as a Second Language

Learning English as second language


In a world where international contacts continue to increase and cross-border work and study is becoming increasingly common, mastering a world language has become indispensable. The world being multilingual makes transcriptionists like the Nepali translation services extremely important especially when learning some form of information or literature from another country. That the government recognizes this is evident from the place that English occupies in primary and secondary education. She considers a good command of English to be decisive for success in further education and in the labor market.

In addition, the economic connection of the Netherlands with England and America is great. If you have a good command of your English, you will be interesting to many employers. English is also important for educational purposes: the United States is currently one of the most popular countries for students to study.

The EF, English Proficiency Index(opens in new window)(refers to another website) (EF EPI) of 2017, a global language proficiency survey in which more than one million adults from eighty countries participate, shows that the Netherlands is in the first place. In the countries that score high, according to the report, English is already taught in primary school.

During these lessons, particular attention would be paid to communicating in English and there would be less focus on grammar. The fact that in these countries, including the Netherlands, many English-language programs can be seen on television would also contribute to the high score.


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Learn English Today

Learning English is also valuable for other reasons: learning a foreign language strongly appeals to the creativity of a student and contributes to a student building self-confidence by learning (daring to express) himself in another language. Research shows that language learning promotes thinking and helps to think in a nuanced way. You will learn nuances between the different words and times and learn to weigh which word or time or wise can best be used in a certain context.

As a result, you would also be better able to focus on relevant information and be able to recognize misleading information. An important aspect when it comes to media literacy and information skills. That constant consideration would also positively affect your decision-making skills. Those who master more than one language would make more rational decisions. With English, you can therefore benefit both business and private.