Image Visualization Promotes Learning

Visualization helps to clarify complex relationships, increase attention and improve retention. Visualizations also offer quick orientation. Just imagine the content of road traffic signs in text form.

What is visualization?

The term stands for the conversion of information into images with the help of text or graphics. That is, in a broader sense, visualization includes the representation of

  • Pure texts, e.g. with bullet points that give the text a visual structure
  • Information with graphic means, e.g. as a diagram, photo or drawing
  • Complex relationships in a chart or infographic
  • Sometimes visualization is misunderstood as a request to randomly insert images into a presentation. Effective visualization, on the other hand, sets priorities and is much more than mere ornament.

concert ticket template

Effects of good visualizations for learning

Visualizations clarify something. They get to the heart of a statement so that you can understand it at a glance. Example “Symbols”; instead of long instructions, a single image is sufficient, which signals exactly the one message that matters.

Visualization makes complex statements. You can only represent in text form with complicated sentences, easier and quicker to grasp.

It draws attention to what is important.

Visualizations distinguish, group and establish connections: Differences/similarities in information become clearer in the image.

Recurring elements create a red thread that runs through the entire presentation.

Visualization increases value

Information that comes through two input channels (ears and eyes) is better anchored in memory if it is well-coordinated or synchronized.

Until the beginning of your presentation, your audience is exposed to diverse, pictorial impressions: the room, you, objects and logos all around. It is often difficult to combat such influences with pure text slides or charts. If you want to provide information, motivate and convince quickly and reliably, and if you also want to address your listeners emotionally, then there is only one option. You need to shift the emphasis from text to image.

Websites like SupportiveKoala use images in their templates library to create advertising materials for musical events. With images which you can autogenerate, the concert ticket template can be customized.

Events such as concerts with high emotional involvement are much better remembered than less emotionally intense situations. Integrate images into your presentation. Images are more likely to trigger emotions than purely verbal information. This has been proven by brain research through numerous studies.