How Automation Works for Google Ads

AdWord which is known before as Google Ads has been in the online marketing world for many years now. It is no wonder why AdWords is on fire and very popular because of its benefits. Not only AdWords is providing positive impact to our every day digital lives, but at the same time  how we do Pay Per Click (PPC). When we heard the word automation, what immediately comes to our mind is that a certain automation tools will do all the jobs for us. But yes, this is true, which is why it is called automation tools and if you use it properly,  it will save you a lot of time and then you will instead use this time to other work of the account that needs to be done or the ones that will best work with manual labor. But of course, you still have to look for your account and not just forget about it once you set it to automation.

So the question is, where do you use most of your time when Using Google Ads automation? Do you spend your time bidding? or testing your advertisements?  managing your budget? It is important to determine which task will benefit your account the most.

The level of automation in Pay Per Click varies and a lot of extra and manual work is required from the account manager.

When talking about Google Ads Automation, you have lots of options:

  1. Automation in Budget Management– budgeting is of the crucial part of managing your account. Manually setting up a budget is actually time consuming especially since  a lot of PPC experts are managing accounts budget every day. Good thing is that there are various automatic budgeting tools that will help you adjust your budget.
  2. Automated Bid Management- this has become a major boom in the pay per click industry. This works by identifying the right bid for you.
  3. Ad Copy Management- did you know that you can also automate copy management? And it is not just copy management on ad rotation.

These are just some of the many ways how AdWorks makes our marketing and advertising easier. It will be great to take advantage of AdWords so as to save us much time.