Go the Distance with Learning

The need to transfer the entire educational process to an online format caught not only many teachers, but also parents by surprise. And now it seems that it is difficult to find advantages in the distance format, especially if they themselves have to work from home and, in parallel with the main tasks, control the training.

Children can repeat an incomprehensible topic using different formats, return to it

Distance learning has opened up many educational resources and formats that not everyone paid attention to before. If the topic read in the textbook is not very clear to the child, try to understand it using other formats of assignments. For example, watch a video tutorial on YouTube or a popular educational platform. You can glean explanations from different Methodists. So, there is already a series of free online lessons for primary school students.

You can also solve interactive tasks on the topic. Find an explanation on the Internet in an alternative form: for example, using unusual infographics or diagrams. Invite your child to team up with classmates online and hold competitions “who will explain the lesson better” or solve more tasks.

Observing your child’s activities will help you understand which way of presenting information helps him learn better.

The period of distance learning is the time for the child to listen to himself and understand what type of information perception is closer to him: visual (textbooks, assignments on the Internet), audio (work with a teacher in the format of audio and video calls), kinesthetic (go outside to study plants in a nearby park or glue together models of geometric shapes at home) or digital (work with the logical construction of an internal dialogue). In addition, in quarantine there is an opportunity to try different formats for studying topics and subjects.

There are more opportunities for in-depth study of the subject in quarantine

How to spend the free hours is up to the parents, of course, but if the student needs to bring up a topic or want to learn more about the issue that interests them in the lesson, now adults will have a free minute to help the child become a little smarter.

Distance education is a chance to foster responsibility and independence

Explain to your child that he is not on vacation and you are not on vacation. And although you are at home with the whole family now, each has its own “work” affairs and responsibilities. This is a good opportunity to instill responsibility in your child and teach him how to plan and follow the daily routine.

There is time in quarantine to learn how to plan the day

Try with your child to make a plan for the school week and for each day. Choose what he will do in school, how and when he will rest. It will be easier for a schoolchild to do this in the form of a game: let him arrange a game “in the office” and write down important tasks, like dad or mom.

When working remotely and studying, the whole family is together

Do not forget that the time when everyone is at home is not only a challenge to form a work and study schedule and a comfortable existence in one space, but also an opportunity to be closer and more attentive to each other.