Get Practical Guides from Expert Coffee Brewers

Brewed coffee enthusiasts are inclined to look for some buying guide coffee grinder for french press just to make sure they are buying the right grinding tool. Actually, there are guides and tips shared online by coffee experts, offering various guidelines covering different coffee brewing fundamentals. Apparently, there are scientific reasons behind coffee brewing, which professional baristas use as bases for choosing the right tools, the right technique and the right kind of coffee beans to brew.

Comprehending the Reason Why a French Press Brew Needs a Quality Grinder

To cite an example of what to consider when brewing coffee with a French press brewer, be in the know that medium to dark roasts are the best kind of beans for this type of machine. Mainly because dark roasts develop essential oils on the bean surfaces, which makes the process of extracting essential oils and flavor quicker. Contrary to misconceptions, dark roasts have lower caffeine and acidity level, which is just as well because the coffee grinds are directly immersed in hot water.

The role of a good quality coffee grinder is to coarsely grind the dark roasted coffee beans in consistent granule sizes and without producing fine particles or “fines.” That way, the grinds can withstand the direct immersion method of flavor extraction and will stay separated from the coffee liquid by way of a metal strainer. Ideally, French press coffee takes only 2 to 4 minutes of contact time to make a single cup of aromatic brewed coffee.

NCA Says There’s No Wrong or Right Taste of a Brewed Coffee

The National Coffee Association (NCA) acknowledges that there are a lot of choices and options to choose from when making your own cup of coffee. If that’s the case, there’s no right or wrong because every drinker has his or her own personal preference of quality brewed coffee. Unlike going into the business of serving different types of to-go-coffee-drinks, baristas must conduct some research and experiment, if looking to concoct their own brand of best-selling hot or cold coffee brew.

Still, a coffee grinder also has an important capability of being able to grind dark coffee roasts for a single cup; or to grind lightly roasted coffee beans to fill up 12 cups in a single brewing occasion. While a barista can use a drip machine for dark roasts coffee grinds, it’s likely that the resulting coffee will be weak, because the paper filter in use by a drip machine will slow down the flavor-extraction process even if for a single cup of brewed coffee.

The NAC also reminds coffee brewing enthusiasts to keep the parts and components thoroughly clean before and after using the machine for another brewing session. That being the case, another important feature of the right kind of coffee grinder for a single-cup French press brewer is the simplicity and ease of operating and removing parts of the machine that need cleaning.