Education through Bahn Travelling

Travelling is not the most beautiful hobby in the world. But more importantly, it is an educational tool.

Anyone who has ever been on a real trip should know it well. New countries bring new cultures, different customs and traditions and completely different ways of thinking. Travelling means practise instead of theory. The world itself is the book, as Augustine Aurelius said. The prejudices about other nations and foreign peoples, which often arise from afar, can be easily refuted. If you travel through bahn to distant, unknown countries, often alone, and get involved, you can see with your own eyes what you otherwise only know from books or the television. And that’s worth a lot more.

Railway transport travelling: Way to learn living standards

Long trips over several weeks, months or even years mean a minimalist lifestyle for many. The reason for this is not only a mostly limited budget but also the size of the backpack and having to carry everything with you. This helps both to learn to appreciate one’s own living standards at home and to live less blindly through the day. This helps you be fully aware of the misery, partial poverty or political conflicts that prevail in many parts of the world.

All the valuable experiences that you make every day while travelling, offer an important basis for professional life in addition to the knowledge from school or university. On the one hand, your own knowledge base expands, but above all, you develop personally.

DB travelling can help prepare you for your professional future


Travelling sometimes requires the courage to step out of your comfort zone and surpass yourself. Often only the first step alone or going on a long journey for the first time is the one that requires great courage. Because once you have done it, you will do it again and again, because you will become more courageous. It will be easier for you to dare to do things that you have never done before. You get to know your limits and grow beyond them. Make it your professional advantage. Dare to do new things, face challenges and be courageous.

Starting with the planning, from the booking to the implementation, anyone who travels a lot feels pure enthusiasm, anticipation and passion from the first to the last moment.  Travelling is a passion. Take advantage of this quality of being enthusiastic about things. Approach it with anticipation and enthusiasm. So everyday professional life is much more enjoyable.