E-juices and Its Various Types of Flavors

Vaping seems to be simple but it entails one challenging task. It is to opt for the best e-juice flavor that you desire and that would preferably suit your electronic cigarette. However, out of the thousands of flavors of e-juice available, it might be difficult for you to decide which one to purchase. This is in contrast with the regular tobacco cigarette that only has limited options.

Luckily, these flavors are categorized into different types. Having this, it would be easier to select the right flavor of e-juice as they are broken down into six different categories. Not only that, knowing these types may encourage you to try for something new which can make your vaping experience an adventurous one.

Types of E-juice Flavors

The six different types of e-juice flavors are the fruity flavor, tobacco flavor, dessert flavor, drink flavor, candy flavor, and mint flavor. Discuss below are their differences and their specific features. So, let’s find out!

Flavor 1: FRUITY

Fruity flavors are the most famous type of flavor of e-juice. This flavor is sweet tasting while leaving your home or the area fresh smelling. The best fruit flavors in e-juice that might come across your way are the strawberry, grape, apple, and blueberry. However, the real flavors and tastes vary depending on the brand. One fruity flavor e-juice that is worth trying is the pachamama ejuice which is really much dedicated to tropical fruity flavors.

Flavor 2: TOBACCO

Tobacco Flavors are the number one flavor suitable for those who have quit the normal tobacco cigarette smoking.

Aside from the regular tobacco mixture, tobacco flavor e-juices have variants like sweet, spiced, cigar, and menthol. Compared to the normal tobacco cigarette, this e-juice flavor have a cleaner smell. Moreover, the scent of its vapor do not stays on clothes.

Flavor 3: DESSERT

These e-juice flavors are wide in range. Popular flavors available in the market are the ice cream sandwich, slushies, apple pie, cakes, cinnamon buns, and sherbet.

Flavor 4: DRINK

When we say of drink, it generally pertains to alcohols or any beverages like sodas. Well, this drink comes into heavenly smell and flavor of e-juices. The best selling flavor of e-juice under this type are colas, punches, mocktails, milkshakes, and slushies. They are typically flavorful and refreshing, however, it may still vary depending on the brand.

Flavor 4: CANDY

Shout out to candy and chocolate lovers out there and those for those students who think vaping is good for themselves as this flavor can give you the exact candy bar taste and smell that you truly love. Think of reeses, kitkat, smarties, and rice crispy squares. These are available when you crave for those sweet treats.

Flavor 5: MENTHOL

This flavor can give you a minty cool sensation. There are wide range of variants available as well as crazy combinations that you must have to try.