Consistent Sleeping Time is just as Important as Having Plenty of Sleep Among Kids

We probably all know that kids need plenty of sleep because when we were kids our parents used force us to sleep at 8:00 pm after watching our favorite show even though we do not really want to sleep yet. And now that we are all grown up, we realize the importance of sleep and how it helps us function well physically and emotionally. We are even strict to our kids when it comes to the number of sleep. We want them to have at least nine hours of sleep. To make it even sure that our kids will have a good night sleep, a great mattress from  There are parents who allow their kids to sleep late until 11 pm as long as the kid will be able to meet the minimum requirement when it comes to the number of sleep. However, research says that having a regular sleeping time and having a consistent time of waking up every morning is just as important as having complete sleeping hours.

You are probably wondering why is a regular sleeping  habit is very crucial to our kids performance especially at school. Studies show that if the kid has a 40 minute difference of bedtime every week, chances are, they are going be more hyper . It is even going to affect their performance in school. And if the difference become two hours, the effect is going to be unlikeable. There are plenty of studies supporting this claim and based from the study, it advisable that instead of aiming for an at least 8 hours of sleep, make sure that your kid has a consistent bed time.

In addition to that, not having an consistent bed time does not only affect those who are younger, but even teenager and adults. According to the studies, results show that people with irregular sleeping schedule are likely to have anxiety and depression even though they are able to get at least six hours of sleep. However, the problem is that adults especially those who are working may find it hard to have a regular sleeping pattern because of the busy schedule. Chances are they are going to sleep late and wake up early. That is usually their routine.