Connection of Mobile Games and School

There are always core areas in elementary education that periodically call for the importance of play for the development of children to be emphasized again and again. Parents, however, should monitor what mobile or video games their children are playing. Parents need to check regularly the games of their kids and where they are getting free spins.

The mobile game is not a gimmick

In children’s lives, play has nothing to do with random leisure activities or with a purely pleasure-oriented activity. It is not a by-product of development, nor is it a dispensable product in a person’s life cycle. To a certain extent, playing is the main job of every child who is in the process of understanding the world around them, themselves, events and situations, observations and experiences in the truest sense of the word.

And next to the parental home as a basic development institution in which the child can build up individual and communicative skills, school is the place where the foundation can be consolidated and expanded. Not through any targeted support programs or training, but with the help of the variety of the game. Developmental psychologists pointed this out many years ago, and today’s developmental researchers point this out even more specifically.

Playing coin master can mean acquiring skills

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Everything that children see, hear, feel, hold in their hands and understand quickly becomes a game. Whether it is drawing patterns on the mashed potatoes, the self-entertainment game while dressing, pulling grimaces while washing in front of the mirror, picking up and throwing a stone or climbing a tree. A game action quickly emerges. It is the children’s “active confrontation” with their entire environment. Children want to discover them, understand them, get closer to their laws and familiarize themselves with unknown things.

So it is not surprising when game researchers assume that children play most of the time. Due to the technology and the advent of the internet, children and young people spend more time playing video and mobile games than playing outside. As mentioned earlier, adults need to check what their kids are playing so they can be able to acquire the needed developmental skills.