College Students Should Know The Facts Before Getting A Facial

An important event is coming up, the skin is impure and the stress is written on your face. The last resort – an appointment with the trusted beautician. But mostly is a facial just like a short luxury vacation – nice, but far too rare. Professional facial treatment should be part of the beauty routine as well as a rich moisturizer or a firming serum.

Admittedly, a cosmetic facial is not cheap. Not something that college students can really yet afford. However, if you consider that our skin is exposed to the environment every day, the investment is worthwhile. It is not without reason that the skin is called the “inner mirror of the soul”. All the more important are regular treatments to make the skin glow again.

Here are facts that you should consider before going on a skincare treatment

How often should you go to a beautician?

Most cosmetic treatments let your skin shine immediately afterwards. For the general improvement of the complexion, a visit to the beautician is recommended. “ The normal skin cycle is 21 days. In order to get a long-lasting result, you should stick to the natural rhythm and go for a facial every 3-4 weeks, ”explains Noella. “Professional skin care is comparable to sport. You can’t expect any major changes after that. ”

How important is regular treatment?

How often you need treatment depends on the type. Cosmetic cleansing, for example, is not always necessary. Lymphatic drainage, on the other hand, detoxifies and is suitable for all skin types. The soft tissue is subjected to a gentle massage and the lymphatic system is stimulated to detoxify. “ The force of pressure movement acts as a rejuvenation. The skin is tightened and the complexion improved, ”explains Noella.

Should you always choose the same treatment?

With a wide range of masks and facials, it is very tempting to choose a new method every time. In order to achieve long-term results, you should get advice from a beautician in advance. The expert can tailor the treatment to the needs of the skin. ” Our skin is constantly changing. With the help of a professional beautician, the care program can be adapted to that at any time. ”

How do you find the right treatment?

So that the skin can shine again, it is important to analyze it beforehand. Skin prone to acne should be treated gently with LED light therapy or laser skin treatment. Clogged pores and dead skin cells can be removed by microdermabrasion or acid peels. For skin tightening we recommend lymphatic drainage or in special cases stimulation current therapy. If you want to give your skin a new shine, use a rich moisturizing mask.

When should I start a facial?

The trusted beautician should be consulted before any treatment. An important event is pending? Plan ahead! LED light therapy consists of several sessions. A few months should be planned for a brilliant result. Microdermabrasion and peels can cause redness, we recommend at least a week in advance.