Teaching Your Child Cleaning and Repairing Their Own Toys is Better Than Throwing it Away


“Then we just buy a new one.” Your child will sometimes call this if something breaks. Not surprisingly, we simply have the luxury that many things can be replaced quickly. And helping your child know the essence about cleaning without the help of cleaning agencies like Aachen Gebäudereinigung is the best way to enhance child’s development.  Yet it is good to tell your child that you should not throw away unnecessary stuff. Sometimes something can still be repaired. And that is worth it literally and figuratively for various reasons.


“Playing a toy doctor”

Repair something dull and old-fashioned? Not really! It is a fun and educational interpretation of the day. Call it “playing a toy doctor.” Unscrew the racing car that hasn’t been working for weeks. There is a good chance that your toddler or toddler is hanging over it and it appears that you only have to replace the battery. Throwing it away would have been a shame?

Victory Over Yourself

Something fixed? That feels like a victory over yourself. Not only do you not have to call in someone else or an expert (which already gives a kick), it feels good if you have succeeded in making something. Especially share the victory with your child by giving him a high five. There is a good chance that your child will tell your partner or grandparents in scents and colors that you have fixed that together.

Save The Money

Let’s face it, it also saves you a lot of money if you fix something. You can use that money nicely to reward yourself and your child with something tasty for your repair skills.

Fix it Up

That one cupboard, you were completely bored. Something new must come. Well now. But is that really necessary? The solution can also be a new coat of paint or other handles. This way you have a brand new cupboard for little. With its own touch!

Second Life

All those toys in the house. Does it sometimes drive you crazy? And then your child often only plays with that one fire truck or doll. Have you ever been ready to pack a bag and head for the cycle? Good idea! Because throwing away is unnecessary. Even if the toy (or something else) is slightly damaged, you can make someone else happy with it. The other person can then repair it or make it more beautiful when needed.

Good for the Planet

Walk through any department store, toy store or supermarket and look around you. There are so many things in this world! And more things are added every day. But is that really necessary? To save the environment, it is better to do as long as possible with your stuff.