Awareness Regarding The Weight Of School Bag In Delhi Government

In accordance to the Delhi government’s notice, the weight of the school bags has been officially revised. This notice requires students to inform students in advance of the books and notes they will bring to school on a specific date.

Bag weight:

  • Grades I and Grade II: not to exceed 1.5 kg.
  • Grade III to V: 2-3 kg
  • Grade VI-VII species: 4 kg Class
  • Grades VIII to IX: 4.5 kg X level: 5 kg

In addition, students are required to not assign assignments to their children in the first and second lessons. Victoria secret pink backpack is the best backpack for your child and to maintain his/her posture.

Who made this resolution?

These resolution of Deli Education Bureau follows the direction of the center and the direction of the center which limits 1 to 10 books. “Junior high school students pose a serious threat to student health and well-being, and can seriously harm growing children and damage the spine and knees.”

Lighter School Bag According To Delhi Government

School load:

Regarding to textbooks, the burden of schoolbags can be increased by providing textbooks, guides, homework/classwork notes, rough work notes, water bottles, lunch boxes, and sometimes heavy luggage.

“The school must follow the textbooks specified by SCERT, NCERT, CBSE. The number of textbooks in other classrooms should not exceed the number required by the legal authorities. Fill in the class schedule as much as possible please.

Report Details:

  • For comprehensive student development, you should read library books and encourage participation in games, sports, arts and culture, and other creative and collaborative course activities.
  • The I and II courses have three textbooks (Hindi, English and Mathematics). According to the IANS report, there are no assignments for this course.
  • Six textbooks in three textbooks from VI to X and three textbooks in mathematics, science and social textbooks In addition, a notebook is prepared for each subject for exercises, projects, unit tests and experiments, and students should record notes according to the schedule.
  • Students should not be required to bring additional books or other materials to the school. Students should carry a bag with two ropes and should not be hung on one shoulder.
  • Students should close their luggage while waiting for school or school gatherings.